3D-VisualCluster Tool






This tool was implemented under research “A Visual Analytics Framework for Cluster Analysis of DNA Microarray Data”; José A. Castellanos Garzón (University of Valladolid), Carlos Armando García (University of Salamanca), Paulo Novais (Universidade do Minho) and Fernando Díaz (University of Valladolid. This work has partially been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Plan E from the Spanish Government, the European Union from the ERDF (TIN2009-14057-C03-02).




Ø      Java and Java3D Installation Tutorial

Ø      3D-VisualCluster Manual

Ø      3D-VisualCluster Tool:

o       (Windows) 3D-VisualCluster for 32-bits

o       (Windows) 3D-VisualCluster for 64-bits

Ø      Demo Files to be Used by the Tool:

o       Example A (Test dataset)

o       Example B (VotesRepub dataset)

o       Example C (Cellcycle dataset)

Ø      R Source File to Create the Files of the Tool


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