Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: a conceptual blending approach


jMapper - My students Rui Costa and Hugo Costa have developed a Java based Mapper version. This can be useful for applications other than the Divago context. You can dowload this software here. It can also use the OAA platform, which can be obtained here.

SWIProlog - I recomend SWIProlog to run Divago. Notice that Divago is not made for "production", i.e. it is all but user-friendly and may have some bugs. I intend to reimplement it when possible!

PRINCE - PRINCE is a natural language generation application designed to build texts for simple fairy tales. It is being developed with Raquel Hervás and Pablo Gervás. You can find some publications about it in my section or send a message to Raquel, to know how it is going!

Resumo em Português - Para quem quiser ler, este é o resumo em Português da Tese de Doutoramento que esteve por detrás do livro.

A totally different book! - I recommend the book from my colleague Penousal Machado, "The Art of Artificial Evolution: A Handbook on Evolutionary Art and Music"!


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