My full name is Joaquim Manuel Costa Ramos de Carvalho, and I am a professor at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, where I belong to the History Group of the Faculty of Letters.

I am also a member of the CISUC Research Centre of the University of Coimbra. In the CISUC I am part of the ECOS group that focuses on Evolution and Complex Systems.

My scientific interests include agent based modeling of historical processes, network analysis, micro-history, and self-organization in social phenomena. These topics are related to a basic issue: the consideration of human societies as complex adaptive systems, in the sense defined by John Holland in Hiden Order. To know more about my research see Research.

My teaching activity is currently centred on Computing and the Humanities, covering many of the different facets of the field, the most relevant of which is the direction of a European Master Programme on European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society. See Teaching for more information.

In the last few years I have become increasingly involved in several aspects of the European Higher Education Area, aka the Bologna Process. I participate in several projects and networks and do work as an ECTS counsellor for the European Commission.