Personal Info

1972, I was born in the 28th of May in Coimbra, although I have spent all my childhood in a small village near Aveiro, called Sangalhos.

1986, I moved to Aveiro where I have finished high school.

1990, I moved to Coimbra, to study Informatics Engineering in the Department of Informatics of Coimbra University.

1995, I concluded my BSc.

1996, I begun my MS.c in Informatics Engineering, in the area of Artificial Intelligence and  I have joined, as a researcher, the Artificial Intelligence group of the research center CISUC.

1998, I started teaching at EST and I moved to Castelo Branco, a small city near the highest mountain  of continental Portugal, named Serra da Estrela, and just a few kilometers from our Spanish neighbors.  

2000, I concluded my MSc in the 12th of October.