My PhD defense
(July 25, 2008)

Here are a few pictures of my PhD defense (examination, or viva).
At the University of Coimbra this is still considered a frightful
ritual, but it turns out it was a really interesting experience.

Sara Silva

15:00 getting things ready
(and yes, I was nervous)

help me put this on!!!

you like my cape?
(mind it, the costume is mandatory!)

10 euros, please!  :-)
(if only I had charged for all the pictures taken by passing tourists...)

...or begged!

some more pictures while waiting

the big door to the big room
(blame it on the angle...)  ;-)

the juri

Ernesto Costa, the president of the juri

15:30 the opening of the ceremony

presenting my thesis

the examination begins

Wolfgang Banzhaf

Carlos Fonseca

some views of the room

Arlindo Oliveira

Penousal Machado

Francisco Pereira

you stole my questions!

almost done!

17:40 Phinally Done! I passed!!!
summa cum laude! (a.k.a. with flying colors)  :-)

after the champagne, notice the sloppy look...

...and the slightly drunken smile  :-)

18:20 going home... regular clothes!
(and you'll never see me dressed like that again!)