Nuno Antunes

I am on a leave from DEI-UC and this page will not be updated for a while. Find me at:

I have been a Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra. I received my PhD from the UC in 2014, and I research in software security and dependability with the CISUC since 2008.

I have been helping software engineers to create secure systems by proposing automated tools to find vulnerabilities and attacks, and also by proposing benchmarking approaches to select the best alternatives for their use.

I am expert in code reviews, testing, static analysis, fault injection, vulnerability injection and benchmarking, that I have applied over the years in the assessment of the security and dependability of web and mobile applications, web services, intrusion detection systems, virtualized environments, intelligent systems, and data management systems.

I have applied these techniques in the industry through specialized services, collaboration in international consortia or during secondments of industry-academia projects.

I am always up to study the behavior of technologies used in business-critical scenarios in the presence of attacks and faults.

Inspired by many techniques used in software assessment, I started working on the reliability of machine learning-based software systems. My research aims at providing software engineers with means to measure and improve the quality of their systems in terms of effectiveness, fairness and transparency.

Dep. Eng. Informática Polo II - P. de Marrocos 3030-290 Coimbra, PT

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I have also been contributing to tools that analyze security risks and privacy violations to help organizations in respecting the EU GDPR.

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