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Short Bio

2009... - Director of the Laboratory of Informatics Systems (IPNlis)
2004... - Founder and Director of the
Laboratory for Ambient Intelligence (CISUC)
2009... - Coordinator of TICE.mobilidade, CROWDS, inovWine, and inovWine II Projects

2007-2009 - Coordinator of the CityMotion Project (MITPortugal Program)
2008 Aggregation Degree by the University of Coimbra
2007-2008 Coordinator of the Master in Informatics Engineering (MEI-FCTUC)
2006 Awarded by Plano de Inovação of PTI
2003-2005 Coordinator of the Master in Informatics Systems and Decision Support (MEI-FCTUC)
1996 PhD in Informatics by the University of Coimbra
1995 Organizes the First International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR’95)
1994 Best paper award at the Second European Workshop on Case -Based Reasoning (EWCBR’94)

Carlos Bento is Associate Professor with Aggregation at the Departmento de Engenharia Informática da Universidade de Coimbra, Director of AmiLab at CISUC, and Director of Lab. of Informatics and Systems at IPN.

Carlos Bento is a member of the IEEE Society, ACM, AAAI and APPIA.     

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis
Ubiquitous Computing
Opportunistic Sensing for Sustainable Cities

Other Interests

Leadership and Organizations

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